1st December 2017

Does your Christmas start too early?

1st December 2017 Our author Joanne Henson discusses how best to minimise Christmas weight gain: It’s December 1st. But Christmas seems to have started ages ago. At the beginning […]
25th November 2017

When Christmas is a source of financial stress

25th November 2017 Our author Jo Thresher (Being Better With Money) discusses money worries at Christmas: Your last payday before Christmas is probably happening this week. Some employers […]
15th November 2017

Is your mind holding you back?

15th November 2017 Our author Monica Castenetto (Live a Life You Love) advises on what to do if your mind is holding you back: Do you want […]
23rd October 2017

No willpower? No problem!

23rd October 2017 Our author Joanne Henson doesn’t believe in willpower – here’s why: You’ve decided to start eating healthily You want to lose a few […]
27th September 2017

How to bounce back when the going gets tough

27th September 2017 Tough times – we all have them! But it is possible to bounce back. Amanda Cullen, author of Loving Your Job, tells us […]
6th September 2017

How to be more productive

6th September 2017 Our latest book “Being More Productive” is now on sale. In this blog author Juliet Landau-Pope gives a taster of what the book […]
5th September 2017

Don’t feel ready? Here’s what to do

5th September 2017 Our author Monica Castenetto (Live a Life You Love) writes about how you can overcome your readiness-related excuses: When I was invited to write a […]
19th August 2017

The myths about confidence you should ignore

19th August 2017   Our author Charlotta Hughes offers her thoughts on why we often struggle to improve our self-confidence: Would you love to feel more […]
7th August 2017

Scared? Here’s how to overcome fear

7th August 2017   Our author Monica Castenetto (Live a Life You Love) writes about how you can overcome your fear-related excuses: Worry not if you’re […]
30th July 2017

We’re having another party!

30th July 2017   Come along and help us celebrate the launch of our latest book, Being More Productive. It’s at Waterstones Kensington, 193 Kensington High […]
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