11th March 2018

What are the ingredients for living a life you love?

10th March 2018 Our author Monica Castenetto carried out a survey before she wrote her book “Live a Life You Love“. She asked people what they considered to be the […]
4th March 2018

Ten things you DON’T need to do for lasting weight loss

4th March 2018 Our author Joanne Henson shares her thoughts on how not to go about achieving lasting weight loss: 1. Deprive yourself of the thing(s) […]
27th February 2018

An introduction to clearing your clutter

27th February 2018 Our author Juliet Landau-Pope tells us about her approach to decluttering, and gives us a taster of the advice you’ll find in her […]
7th February 2018

How to beat a shopping addiction

7th February 2018 In an extract from her book “Better With Money” our author Jo Thresher discusses compulsive buying and how you can beat it We […]
2nd February 2018

Why there’s no such thing as the right time

3rd February 2018 In a blog based on a extract from her book “Being More Confident”, Charlotta Hughes tells us why there’s no right time, just […]
31st January 2018

What to do when your boss is undermining you

31st January 2018 In an extract from her book “Loving Your Job” our author Amanda Cullen tells you what you can do when your boss is […]
28th December 2017

Stress doesn’t have to be your normal

29th December 2017 In a blog adapted from a chapter of one of her books, Kelly Swingler tells us why, although stress feels like a normal state of affairs these […]
28th December 2017

Why diets don’t work

29th December 2017 In a blog adapted from a chapter of one of her books, Joanne Henson tells us why that new year diet is doomed to failure (clue: […]
28th December 2017

Don’t go back to the slimming club!

29th December 2017 Our author Joanne Henson tells us why she doesn’t think you should join the club this year: When people tell me they are planning to join a […]
1st December 2017

Does your Christmas start too early?

1st December 2017 Our author Joanne Henson discusses how best to minimise Christmas weight gain: It’s December 1st. But Christmas seems to have started ages ago. At the beginning […]
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