6th January 2019

It’s okay to step on the scales!

6th January 2019 Author and weight loss coach Joanne Henson is fed up of personal trainers and nutritionists telling people to throw away their bathroom scales! Here she explains why: […]
3rd December 2018

You don’t have to be stressed at Christmas!

3rd December 2018 As the temperature dips, high streets are asparkle with lights and supermarkets are full of festive fare – from calendars and candles, Christmas […]
28th October 2018

What does your dream job look like?

28th October 2018 In an extract from her book “Getting Your Dream Job” author Rosemary Lemon explains how to work out what you dream role would […]
1st October 2018

What does artistic success mean to you?

30th September 2018 In an extract from her new book, creative coach Deborah Henry-Pollard explains why it’s important to be clear on what success means to […]
20th September 2018

Your credit card – friend or foe?

20th September 2018 Our author Jo Thresher discusses how to have a healthy relationship with your credit card: Is your credit card your friend? It might […]
4th September 2018

How to cope with criticism

4th September 2018 Author Charlotta Hughes explains why criticism doesn’t have to hurt, and how to develop a more positive attitide to it – it’s not always […]
7th August 2018

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

7th August 2018 Our author Joanne Henson has some advice about what really matters when you want to lose weight – and it’s not the minor […]
22nd July 2018

How to stop worrying so much

22nd July 2018 Always worrying about things? Kelly Swingler, author of our popular book “Overcoming Stress“, explains how you can change that:  I’ll let you into a […]
8th July 2018

Decluttering the cupboard of doom

8th July 2018 Juliet Landau-Pope, author of our best-seller “Clearing Your Clutter” writes about how to tackle those scary spaces in your home: Is there an […]
21st June 2018

You’re never too old for happiness

21st June 2018 In a blog based on an extract from her book “Live a Life You Love” life coach Monica Castenetto explains why it’s never too […]
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