5th June 2016

Making a start with healthy eating

5th June 2016   Our author Joanne Henson’s thoughts on how you can cut through the mass of contradictory diet advice to get started with improving […]
15th May 2016

We’re having a party!

15th May 2016  
5th March 2016

Are you abdicating responsibility for your own success?

5th March 2016   Our books are all about the excuses people use to explain why they haven’t yet achieved what they’d really like to achieve. […]
14th February 2016

Tackle your excuses and fix your relationship with food – part two

14th February 2016   Last week our author Joanne Henson wrote about two of the excuses people use to self-sabotage their efforts to eat more healthily (if you […]
5th February 2016

Tackle your excuses and fix your relationship with food – part one

5th February 2016   As a health and weight loss coach I spend a lot of time talking to clients about their eating habits and their […]
17th January 2016

What’s holding you back from living a life you love?

17th January 2016   This week our author Monica Castenetto offers some tips on how to “unstick” yourself when you’re no longer happy with your life […]
31st December 2015

Tackle your excuses and get fit

31st December 2015   Author of “What’s Your Excuse for not Getting Fit?” Joanne Henson discusses the most common obstacles to getting fit: As a health […]
26th November 2015

Why you should listen to your own excuses

Updated 5th June 2018   We all make excuses to do things we don’t want to do – attending that office reunion, helping out at yet another […]
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