What’s Your Excuse for not Being Better With Money?

Overcome your excuses and get to grips with your personal finances

Do you wish you could be savvier with money but find it too daunting? Do you wish you were more in control of your finances but find yourself avoiding taking action? Then this is the book for you.

Personal finance expert Jo Thresher takes a look at all of the reasons you might give for not getting to grips with your money, and offers advice, ideas and inspiration to help you change that.

No time to get organised? Scared to look at your bank statement? Think you’re a shopaholic? Not money minded? Overcome all of these excuses and many more. Improve your relationship with your cash and feel more secure, more relaxed and more in control.

So what’s your excuse?

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Jo Thresher


Jo is an award-winning financial services professional and money coach.

  • There’s some very sensible money advice here, with lots of information about how to think about your money as something which supports the life you want…. Even if you only make a few of the changes suggested in this book it will make you richer and more secure
    Jasmine Birtles, Founder of MoneyMagpie.com
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