What’s Your Excuse for not Eating Healthily?

Overcome your excuses and eat well to look good and feel great

Do you wish you could eat more healthily and improve the way you look and feel, but find that all too often life gets in the way? Do you regularly embark on healthy eating plans or diets but find that you just can’t stick with them? Then this is the book for you.

This isn’t another diet book. Instead it’s a look at the things which have tripped you up in the past and offers advice, ideas and inspiration to help you overcome those things this time around.

No willpower? Hate healthy food? Got no time to cook? Crave sugary snacks? Overcome all of these excuses and many more. Change your eating habits and relationship with food for good.

So what’s your excuse?

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Joanne Henson

Joanne is a health, fitness and weight loss coach who helps clients to achieve sustainable healthy lifestyles.

  • Very useful, very practical and makes a lot of sense! There are some great tips in here and even if you just implemented a bit of Joanne's advice it would make a real difference
    Chantal Cooke, journalist & broadcaster
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