How to declutter when you’re feeling sentimental

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8th May 2018
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How to declutter when you’re feeling sentimental

20th May 2018

In an extract from her popular book “Clearing Your Clutter” Juliet Landau-Pope (JLP Coach) explains how to approach a clear out when you’re emotionally attached to your stuff:

Nostalgia is a powerful emotion but let it fill your heart, not your home.

If you’re holding onto things that have sentimental value, ask yourself these questions:

  • What really matters – the thing itself or the person who gave it to you, the place where you bought it or the event which it commemorates?
  • What price are you paying in terms of space? Consider the broader implications of dwelling on the past
  • What are you most afraid of losing – the item or the memory it triggers?
  • Do you really need the object to recall these memories?

Your answers may steer you towards letting go of at least some of your sentimental clutter. Don’t be too ambitious, just aim to reduce the amount slightly. Take photos of things which you feel ready to part from so that you and your family will have a record.

As for storing things of sentimental value from which you’re not yet ready to part, have you thought of creating a memory box? But make active choices about how many keepsakes to store; remember that when everything is special, nothing is special.

For more practical tips, check out Juliet’s book here.

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